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Equalization is a process of normalizing the frequency response to be as flat as possible to reflect the original reproduction of the sound. Equalization is necessary for several closed environments, where reflections or speaker limitations influence sound quality. With the ability to both boost and cut several frequency bands, it is possible to neutralize external factors for a natural sounding audio.

The equalizer can also be used to simulate a music type which is rich in specific components. The several presets available with the Graphic equalizer serve this purpose.

  • Portable Audio players
  • Mobile audio solutions
  • Car audio
  • ARM7, ARM9e, ARM11, Cortex-A8, Cortex-M3
  • Constant Q GEQ
  • No DC Null
  • Gain supported -14 dB to +14 dB in 0.5 dB steps
  • Easily configurable parameters like number of bands, center frequency. Easy filter design for each setting
  • Smooth transition without audio glitches, between different GEQ modes
  • Gain compensation in analog mode which allows true boost
  • Graphical display for the frequency response of the designed filter
  • Low memory requirements
  • Fully reentrant implementation eases memory allocation
  • Simple and easy to use API, which allows easy integration
  • Highly optimized in assembly for best performance
  • Easily extendible to other platforms
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