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The i.MX 6 processor family is based on power efficient and high performance ARM®Cortex™-A9 core. The i.MX 6 processor family comprises single, dual and quad cpu core running upto 1.2 GHz with 1MB of L2 cache. i.MX 6 is advanced multi-media SOC ideally suited for products like SmartTV, tablets, digital signage, home security system, consumer electronics gadgets, automotive, navigation, surveillance and many more.

PicusTech has provided following services on i.MX6 family of processors.

  • Porting BSP to customized i.MX6 based boards
  • Driver development in Linux, Android, and barebone kernel
  • Developed customized HDMI, LVDS, I2C, CSI, SPI, SATA, IPU, VPU, GPU, Ethernet, USB and thermal drivers on iMX6 platform.
  • Developed applications on Linux and Android, which utilize i.MX6 features.

Contact: sales@picustech.com for further details.

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