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H.264, Mpeg4, H.263 video, audio and Cryptography embedded software for ARM9e, ARM11, Cortex-A8 , MIPS32 and PPC platforms
  •      Picustech has experience in porting custom android OS image on
         custom hardware and deploying hardware specific applications.

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::  Picus DRM Player

Picus DRM player is an android application which parses the icon based protected content and displays the thumbnail of the cover page on the screen.

The content comprises of the different images or a text file which gives graphical representation about the content to the user and user can traverse through the icon’s image one by one and go to the root of the content. At the end of the traversing, user can play the content by selecting the play option on the screen. The content is generated in a special way.

Graphical Representation of Picus DRM Player
  • E-book learning, subscription based articles and lectures distribution.
  • Content is securely tied to the user device.
  • Content can be grouped together in to a single package.
  • While the content can be readily accessed, user needs a license key to play content on their device
  • Command line Tools available to generate content, packages, licenses
  • Model allows for easy distribution of packages, while securely tying the content to the device, through a license.
  • Easy to use for the user and the content developer
  • E-book or E-learner application which contains the chapter’s cover page as image and speech as audio content
 Supported cores:

ARMv6 (Arm11) and ARMv7 (Cortex-A8). Detects appropriate core automatically and utilizes the most optimized instruction set for best performance.

Contact: sales@picustech.com for further details.
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