Picustech Software - Provides High Performance Audio, Video, Image and Speech Solutions
H.264, Mpeg4, H.263 video, audio and Cryptography embedded software for ARM9e, ARM11, Cortex-A8 , MIPS32 and PPC platforms
  •      Picustech provides full framework solutions for a range of      applications which require audio/video/imaging solutions on      range of operating environments and platforms, for offline,      broadcast and streaming applications. Read more

  •      Picustech provides high performance Codecs with low
         memory and low power consumptions, Read more

                         Video Codecs
                         Audio Codecs
                         Image Codecs
                         Speech Codecs

  •      Picustech provides a full portfolio of Cryptography algorithms,      optimized for ARM platforms. Read more

                         OTHER CRYPTOGRAPHY ALGORITHMS

  •      PicusTech provides a suite of DSP audio, which allow for
         a rich listening experience, as well environment conditions.

                         DSP Audio Effects
                         DSP Audio Processing
                         Speech Enhancement

Picustech provides high performance video and audio solutions. All of our solutions have the following features
  • Low memory footprint
  • Lowest computational requirements
  • Hand crafted in native assembly
  • Fully compliant to standards
  • Reentrant implementations allow ease of memory management
  • Low power consumption, due to limited external memory accesses
  • Video resolution not limited by design, but only limited by available memory and processor horsepower
  • Simple API which makes it easy to integrate
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