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Reverberation is an effect, where thousands of echoes are retained in the audio after the original sound has been played. PicusTech has created a high performance reverberating solution with easily controllable knobs to tune different environments. The reverberation effects allow audio to be rendered in different environments like concert halls, auditoriums creating a rich listening experience.

Reverberation algorithms normally consume significant computational resources and are complex to implement. However PicusTech implementation is a low MIPs implementation, ensuring, that it can be available for even very low CPU requirements. With most important parameters readily tunable, any desired response can be readily simulated.

  • Portable Audio players
  • Mobile audio solutions
  • Car audio
  • ARM7, ARM9e, ARM11, Cortex-A8, Cortex-M3
  • Allows for early reflections as well as dense tail for natural sounding reverberation
  • Wetness Control
  • Set up to four early reflections ( representing four walls )
  • No ringing or tonal side effect
  • Normalized frequency response to ensure unaltered frequency characteristics
  • Any environment can be simulated
  • Reverberation time is configurable
  • Delay length is configurable for desired reflections
  • Very low MIPS so as to use for tiny CPUs
  • Simple and easy to use API, which allows easy integration
  • Low memory requirement and fully reentrant implementation eases memory allocation
  • Easily extendible to other platforms
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