Picustech Software - Provides High Performance Audio, Video, Image and Speech Solutions
H.264, Mpeg4, H.263 video, audio and Cryptography embedded software for ARM9e, ARM11, Cortex-A8 , MIPS32 and PPC platforms
  •      Picustech provides full framework solutions for a range of      applications which require audio/video/imaging solutions on      range of operating environments and platforms, for offline,      broadcast and streaming applications. Read more

  •      Picustech provides high performance Codecs with low
         memory and low power consumptions, Read more

                         Video Codecs
                         Audio Codecs
                         Image Codecs
                         Speech Codecs

  •      Picustech provides a full portfolio of Cryptography algorithms,      optimized for ARM platforms. Read more

                         OTHER CRYPTOGRAPHY ALGORITHMS

  •      PicusTech provides a suite of DSP audio, which allow for
         a rich listening experience, as well environment conditions.

                         DSP Audio Effects
                         DSP Audio Processing
                         Speech Enhancement

Picustech Software

Picustech Software is a Digital Signal Processing Software company. We specialize in design and development of DSP firmware for Video, Audio, Speech and Communication applications.

Picustech has expertise in development for video/audio and speech codec on wide range of platforms. Our solutions are low MIPs and low memory, permitting very low power operation.

We have a growing portfolio of audio and video codec, which can be quickly integrated on various platforms.

Our processes are highly streamlined to ensure fastest delivery of a high quality solution at a reasonable cost

Our Services & Support
Target Platforms
Target Processors 
  • ARM : ARM7,  ARM9,  ARM9E,  ARM11,  Cortex-A5,  Cortex-A7, Cortex-A8, Cortex-A9, Cortex-M0,  Cortex-M3,  Cortex-M4
  • PowerPC, Marvell Armada-168, MIPS32, TI DSP, Proprietary DSP cores
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