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  • Case Study - 1

  • Subject Device Driver Development for Medical Device
    The Client One of the world’s largest Medical Equipment manufacturer
    The Project Develop Device drivers and develop highly power efficient device
    Decription The client is one of the largest manufacturer of medical equipment and had developed an ARM926ejs based glucometer, based on Embedded windows CE OS. The project involved development of device drivers for their device, including USB host driver, I2C driver and Audio Device driver. The development also included power management and critical timing requirements from sleep to wake state. The device should be in very low power mode, during non-operation.

    The team also helped the client to resolve critical issues, which were delaying mass production of the device.

  • Case Study - 2

  • Subject Board support package and OS development for an Avionics Company
    The Client One of the leading avionics equipment manufacturer
    The Project Board support package, Custom Operating System and Optimized GPU driver for I.mx6Q Quad core ARM Cortex-A9 chipset
    Decription The client is one of the leading suppliers to Boeing and other leading aircraft company. The project required development of highly reliable and a secure Board support package, with easy to use operating Kernel. The board would be used within cockpit and connected to several sensors to monitor altitude, speed and other aircraft parameters.

    The implementation required multicore environments with highly optimized graphics. Picus Tech ported all peripheral drivers and built a small and highly reliable operating system. The drivers included SATA, USB Mass storage class, LVDS drivers, Camera capture driver and internal peripherals like DDR3, I2C, SPI, thermal monitor and USB host controller. The development also included customized file system, several network interface protocols.

    The team developed this at a fast pace and ensured timely customer delivery, with extremely reliable software.

  • Case Study - 3

  • Subject : SDK development for a leading semiconductor company
    The Client One of the leading and highly respected semiconductor company
    The Project Cortex-M4 based audio solution for automobile market
    Decription The client is one of the leading and highly respected semiconductor company based in USA. Picus Tech is proud to be contracting with it for last 13 years. During the period, Picus Tech has delivered several projects and support client customers.

    The project involved development of audio codecs and audio effects for a music player solution suited for wide range of applications, primarily automobile and portable application. The delivery is in form of SDK suited to adapt to customer applications.

    Picus Tech has developed entire SDK, except top level applications for the customer and is actively supporting client’s customers for this project, who are one of most well-known companies of the world (among the top 5 companies in the Electronics industry). Picus Tech engineers directly work with client customers for support and address their requirements for the SDK.

  • Case Study - 4

  • Subject Advanced Smart TV software development for a leading edge technology company
    The Client One of the leading edge technology company, developing most advanced Television solutions, based on Android environment
    The Project Freescale I.mx6Q based smart TV solution
    Decription The project involves development of HDMI capture and Display drivers, managing video scaling, audio muxing and design complete set of device drivers and multimedia software. The development requires extensive knowledge of video processing and image processing and how to efficiently use hardware blocks to render multiple HD video content.

    Picus Tech has developed device drivers, ported latest Android SDK on the custom board.

Contact: sales@picustech.com for further details.
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